News from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ― August 2020

Franklin Graham announces Prayer March 2020 in Washington, D.C.

On Saturday, Sept. 26, Franklin Graham is holding the Washington Prayer March 2020 in Washington, D.C. The prayer march is an event that is dedicated to prayer and focused solely on asking God to heal the land.

“Our nation is in trouble—morally, politically, racially, spiritually. This is the most critical time for America that we have seen in our lifetime.” said Graham. “Many people are concerned and wonder what they can do. Well, we can do something powerful—we can pray!”

Beginning at the Lincoln Memorial at noon, the march will stop at several points throughout the National Mall to pray and ask God to heal the nation. The march will conclude at the Capitol building, lasting around two hours. It is not a protest or political event, and participants are asked to not bring signs in support of any candidate or party.

“We need to pray in repentance and ask God to heal our land.” Graham expressed. “Let’s ask God to turn our country back to Him.”

Participants are expected to follow applicable health and safety protocols, including the use of social distancing and a face mask, while in public and to monitor government orders that may impact travel.

To learn more, see the route map or get involved, visit

Billy Graham Rapid Response Team deploys following nationwide natural disasters and civil unrest

Throughout the month of August, the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team (RRT) deployed crisis-trained chaplains to areas throughout the country encountering natural disasters and civil unrest.

On Aug. 4, RRT chaplains deployed to Bertie County, North Carolina, to provide emotional and spiritual care after Hurricane Isaias swept through the area, making landfall as a Category 1 hurricane.

The following week, chaplains deployed alongside Samaritan’s Purse to both Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Tama County, Iowa, following a derecho storm. Traveling more than 700 miles across multiple states, the derecho resulted in more than 1 million people losing power, major damage to buildings and homes, and at least one death.

With the Republican National Convention taking place in Charlotte the week of Aug. 24, the RRT sent crisis-trained chaplains into its own community to provide a ministry of presence during protests surrounding the event.

The next day, on Aug. 25, the RRT responded to the wildfires in California by sending chaplains—along with its Mobile Ministry Center—to Napa, California. There, chaplains provided emotional and spiritual care to one of the hardest hit areas in the state.

On Aug. 26, as civil unrest heightened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the shooting of Jacob Blake, RRT chaplains deployed to pray with and minister to those in the area.

“As the unrest continues, we were invited by local church leadership in Kenosha to have our chaplains there to minister to the community,” said Josh Holland, assistant director of the RRT.

The four latest RRT deployments have been to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where Hurricane Laura made landfall as a Category 4 storm on Aug. 27. RRT chaplains deployed alongside Samaritan’s Purse to provide emotional and spiritual care to those impacted by the storm. Lake Charles took a direct hit from the 150 mph winds.

“We know that even beyond the physical damage, the emotional toll that a storm like this takes is significant and our crisis-trained chaplains will be there to share the peace and hope that can only be found in Jesus Christ,” said Jack Munday, international director of the RRT.

While several of the deployments have since come to an end, RRT chaplains continue to be deployed in both Iowa and Louisiana.

For more information on the ministry, including videos, photos, news articles and an interactive map of former and current deployments, visit Updates can also be found at

Billy Graham Library hosts Phil Robertson for annual Men’s Dinner

On Aug. 21, The Billy Graham Library hosted its 2020 Men’s Dinner. This year’s event featured Phil Robertson, the successful founder of Duck Commander, a New York Times bestselling authorand reality television star of the popular series Duck Dynasty and Duck Commander.

Fathers, sons, and grandfathers gathered at small tables to share a meal, while observing social distancing guidelines, and listen to Robertson’s message of hope. 

Tracing through the Bible from the Old Testament to the Gospels in the New Testament, Robertson talked plainly about the proven prophecies of Jesus’ life on earth. “If you look at this thing [the Gospel] realistically, you’re saying it all happened within a three-day period. Your sin problem and your physical death problem—[Jesus] solved them both in three days. … I never even heard a story close to that. Have y’all? Three days! He wraps it up.”

Robertson continued, “That is called the Gospel of Jesus Christ,” Robertson continued. “Since you’re not getting out of here without it, why don’t you just put your faith in it? … When Jesus made this deal with you, He’ll remove your sin and raise you from the dead, give you immortality where you don’t ever hurt again. And this time, with Jesus, it’s free.”

Upcoming events at the Billy Graham Library include a Ladies Tea and Tour on
Saturday, Oct. 10 and Bikers with Boxes on Saturday, Oct. 17. For more information about upcoming events, visit

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