New Exhibit At The Billy Graham Library Focuses On Billy Graham’s Upbringing

CHARLOTTE, N.C., APRIL 27, 2012 — A new exhibit at the Billy Graham Library entitled “The Power of Christ in the Home” opens May 1, and shares the importance of a Christ-centered home, through personal notes, rare photos, and other family memorabilia from the home of Billy Graham’s parents, Frank and Morrow Graham.

“In this exhibit, you’ll see a number of rarely-seen items from Billy Graham’s childhood,” said Debra Cordial, director of the Library. “But, more importantly, mothers and fathers of all ages will have the opportunity to discover timeless truths and real-world examples of Christ-centered leadership that can be put to practice in today’s family.”

Visitors will get a sense of what it was like to grow up in the Graham family home. Some of the items on display will be logs and records from the Graham Brothers Dairy Farm, handwritten letters and correspondence, Frank and Morrow Graham’s Bibles with notes, and more. Visitors can also visit the Graham Family Homeplace, which is located on the Billy Graham Library property and was reconstructed using 80 percent of the home’s original materials.

Billy Graham’s father, Frank, was known for his integrity in how he conducted his business. And, his mother, Morrow, or “Mother Graham,” was described by Billy using Jesus’ illustration of “a hen gathering her brood under her wings,” regularly bringing the family together for Bible stories and times of prayer.

“Both of my parents had a great influence on me. I always respected [my father] because of his complete integrity,” said Billy Graham in the photographical book about his life Billy Graham: God’s Ambassador. “Of all the people I have ever known, my mother had the greatest influence on me.”

“We can never have permanently happy homes in America until the individuals in the home have surrendered their lives to Christ,” said Graham in a sermon entitled “Responsibilities of the Home” given in Minneapolis, Minn., in 1954.

This exhibit at the Library will give a glimpse into the Christ-centered home in which Billy Graham grew up while offering insights and tools for implementation into homes today. Special resources will be available such as brochures on how to pray for your children, what to say to a bereaved parent and more.

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